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Updated On Jul 3, 2024
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Official Version
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Zenless Zone Zero Description:

Journey into the Unknown

Don't go into Hollows. I know, I know, there are Ether resources in the Hollows, bizarre creations, even ruins of the old civilization — all invaluable treasures. But don't forget about the spatial disorder, the monsters, and mutants running rampant. Ultimately, this is a disaster that could swallow the world. Hollows are not where ordinary people should go. So don't go into Hollows. Or at least, don't go in alone.

New Eridu: The Hub of Survival

If you insist on getting into danger, go to New Eridu first. This city full of people from all walks of life has many who need the Hollows: powerful and wealthy tycoons, gangs who rule the streets, schemers hiding in the shadows, and ruthless officials. New Eridu serves as a hub for those brave (or foolish) enough to venture into the Hollows. Here, you can make your preparations, find strong allies, and most importantly, find a "Proxy." Only they can guide people out of labyrinthian Hollows. Good luck.

The Allure of the Hollows

The Hollows are both a curse and a blessing. They hold the promise of great riches and untold knowledge but are fraught with peril. Those who venture in must be prepared to face the unpredictable spatial anomalies, the terrifying monsters, and the mutated creatures that call the Hollows home. The Ether resources found within are highly sought after, making the risk almost irresistible to adventurers and opportunists alike.

Forming Alliances

In New Eridu, forming alliances is crucial. The city is a melting pot of diverse characters, each with their own agendas and skills. From the powerful tycoons who finance expeditions to the gangs who provide muscle and street smarts, to the schemers who possess invaluable information, and the officials who can offer protection or pose threats — navigating these relationships is key to a successful foray into the Hollows.

The Role of Proxies

Proxies are essential guides in the treacherous terrain of the Hollows. They possess unique abilities and knowledge that allow them to navigate the labyrinthine passages and survive the myriad dangers. Finding a trustworthy Proxy is your first step toward ensuring your safe return. These individuals are rare and in high demand, so securing their services often requires negotiation, resources, and sometimes a bit of luck.

Preparing for the Journey

Preparation is everything. Before venturing into the Hollows, stock up on supplies, arm yourself with the best weapons and gear, and make sure you have a plan. The unpredictable nature of the Hollows means that even the best-laid plans can go awry, so flexibility and quick thinking are vital. Trust your instincts and rely on your allies, and you might just survive to tell the tale.

Zenless Zone Zero MOD APK Advantages:

Zenless Zone Zero Mod Apk version will enable you to fight more freely, deal with the enemy better, and pass the customs faster.

You no longer need to repeatedly try to challenge or spend a lot of time to strengthen your character and improve your operating skills to defeat the enemy. Various Mods will help you better customize the difficulty of the game you want. You will play as you like, and the battle process will become extremely simple.

Zenless Zone Zero is a role-playing game. You need to use the skills of the character and the growth of the protagonist to fight against the enemy. If you are still worried about being unable to defeat the opponent, then download the mod version to enjoy the game!

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