Hills of Steel

Hills of Steel Mod Apk v6.5.2(Unlimited Resources)

Updated On May 17, 2024
Unconditional use of gold coins and diamonds
Unconditional use of gold coins and diamonds
App Name
Hills of Steel
v 6.5.2
Game Killer

Game Killer v5.2.3

No Root SandBox 100% Safe
Speed Hack
Auto Clicker
Keyboard Script
Spilt Screen
Dual Space
Disable Network
Download v5.2.3(28.61MB)

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MOD features
Unconditional use of gold coins and diamonds

Hills of Steel Description:

Unleash Your Steel Behemoth

Enter the thrilling world of Hills of Steel, where commanding tanks through treacherous terrains is just the beginning. Strap into your armored vehicles, ignite your battle spirit, and dive into a frenzy of physics-based warfare that'll leave you breathless.

The Battlefields Beckon

Explore diverse landscapes, racing through hills while obliterating foes in your path. Gather spoils from fallen adversaries and equip your tanks with top-tier upgrades and devastating weapons. From standard artillery to futuristic armaments, the arsenal is yours to conquer.

Customize and Conquer

Unlock a spectrum of customizable tanks, each with unique abilities. Ascend the ranks by triumphing in relentless battles, steadily earning your place as a revered war marshal on the global stage.

Features That Pack a Punch

  • Destruction Unleashed: Experience the might of physics-based projectile warfare.

  • Unlock and Experiment: Test all tanks and special abilities at your disposal.

  • Upgrade and Dominate: Enhance speed, firepower, and defense to reign supreme.

  • Epic Adventures: Roll out and claim war loot across varied terrains.

  • Arcade Mayhem: Confront endless waves of tanks and colossal bosses in Survival mode.

  • Online Showdowns: Defeat rivals in competitive online modes.

  • Eventful Challenges: Engage in weekly trials for lucrative rewards.

  • Climb the Ranks: Strive to become the ultimate General in the battlefield.

  • Competitive Spirit: Battle your way to the top of the leaderboards.

  • Form Alliances: Create or join clans with friends for collective triumphs.

March Forward - It's Free!

Hills of Steel beckons you to roll out your tank and dive into the fray, all for free. Yet, for those seeking an extra edge, optional in-app purchases unlock deeper levels of warfare.

Join the Ranks

Join us on social media platforms to stay updated and engage with the Hills of Steel community.

Your Feedback Matters!

We've crafted Hills of Steel for your enjoyment.

Exclusive Tank Arsenal

A classified list of in-game tanks awaits you: (Each tank offers its own brand of fierce firepower and strategy.)

  • Cobra - Fearless Frontline Fangs

  • Joker - Blazing Speed, Equal Fury

  • Titan - Colossal Among Tanks

  • Phoenix - Inferno-Inflicting Flamethrower Fighter

  • Reaper - Unyielding Badassery

  • Barracuda - Lethal Rocket Launcher Tank

  • Ballista - Skies Ablaze with Bombardment

  • Tower - Sniper from Lethal Highgrounds

  • Siege - Doom-Bringing Tank Blaster

  • Dune - Charging Grenade Lobber

Experience futuristic might with:

  • Atlas - Rocket and Stealth Missile Mech

  • Tesla - Electrically Supercharged Executor

  • Mammoth - Titan Among Tanks

  • Arachno - Deadly Spider Tank

  • Scorpion - Steel's Dreaded Stinger

  • Kong - Beastly Gorilla Tank

  • Kraken - Monstrous Mech from the Depths

Assemble your arsenal, strategize your approach, and dominate the battlefield in Hills of Steel!

Hills of Steel MOD APK - Unlimited Resources Features Introduction:

The game has a number of games where the player can't spend all the resources, there are many games where the number of resources is set to limit the player's play, here it completely eliminates the step of accumulation, the player can go free to buy the props they want or make the materials they need, this is still relatively good for many players who want to enjoy the game. 

Many games, especially management and survival games, resource plays an important role that can not be obtained, unlimited resources include unlimited gold unlimited diamonds, etc., regardless of what the game if the contents of these crack can make the player experience better, unlimited resources allow players to directly obtain a variety of resources for free, for those who like to play games is very popular!

Hills of Steel MOD APK Advantages:

Hills of Steel is a versatile shooting game that blends various gameplay elements, making it especially suitable for adventurous players. It offers a variety of competitive environments, including multiplayer battles filled with thrilling shooting action. Players must control their in-game characters and engage in intense shooting battles against enemies. Hills of Steel stands out among many games, becoming one of the most popular FPS shooting games.

The game features a unique perspective that provides players with an immersive gaming experience. It offers a diverse array of weapons and interesting ways to operate them. Players can experience various exciting weapons and enjoy explosive gameplay visuals. In the game, players need to use weapons like the Desert Eagle to eliminate villains, destroy enemy armored vehicles, helicopters, and war machines with RPG ammunition. Precise shooting and quick reflexes will make you a standout on the battlefield, allowing you to carefully search for resources and defeat enemies. Come download and give it a try!


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