Galaxy idle

Galaxy idle Mod Apk v5.2.4(Unlimited Resources/No Ads)

Updated On Jun 5, 2024
Enter the game to receive a large amount of currency, Removed Pop-Up Ads
Enter the game to receive a large amount of currency, Removed Pop-Up Ads
App Name
Galaxy idle
v 5.2.4
Game Killer

Game Killer v5.2.3.2

No Root SandBox 100% Safe
Speed Hack
Auto Clicker
Keyboard Script
Spilt Screen
Dual Space
Disable Network
Download v5.2.3.2(28.59MB)
MOD features
Enter the game to receive a large amount of currency, Removed Pop-Up Ads

Galaxy idle Description:

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of space adventures where you have to pilot a spaceship, fight enemies, and explore new galaxies! Mine resources and upgrade your ship to increase your strength and confidence in battles. Discover new locations, engage in battles with other ships, and explore the galaxy!

Discover the Vast Universe

Explore New Galaxies

InGalaxy Idle Game, the universe is your playground. Travel across various galaxies, each filled with unique planets, stars, and mysterious celestial phenomena. Every new galaxy you discover adds a layer of depth and excitement to your adventure. From dense asteroid fields to vibrant nebulae, the visuals are stunning and the exploration is endless.

Rich Resource Mining

Mining is a crucial aspect of the game. Extract valuable resources from asteroids, planets, and other celestial bodies. These resources are essential for upgrading your ship, crafting new equipment, and trading with other players. The more efficiently you mine, the faster you can enhance your capabilities and progress through the game.

Upgrade Your Spaceship

Enhance Your Arsenal

Upgrade your spaceship with a variety of weapons and defensive systems. From laser cannons and plasma rifles to advanced shield generators, the customization options are extensive. Each upgrade not only boosts your combat prowess but also improves your chances of survival in the hostile environments of space.

Customize Your Ship

Personalize your spaceship to match your style. Choose from different ship models, paint schemes, and cosmetic upgrades. Whether you prefer a sleek, agile fighter or a heavily armored battleship, the customization options allow you to create a unique vessel that stands out in the galaxy.

Engage in Epic Battles

PvE Combat

Face off against a multitude of enemies in intense PvE (Player vs Environment) battles. Alien invaders, space pirates, and rogue AI-controlled ships are just a few of the adversaries you will encounter. Each enemy type presents different challenges, requiring you to adapt your tactics and strategies to emerge victorious.

PvP Battles

Test your skills against other players in thrilling PvP (Player vs Player) battles. Compete in various arenas and climb the leaderboards to earn rewards and recognition. Strategic planning and quick reflexes are essential to dominate your opponents and prove your prowess as the ultimate space pilot.

Immersive Storyline

Epic Space Saga

Embark on an epic space saga that takes you across the galaxy. Uncover ancient secrets, encounter intriguing characters, and make choices that influence the course of your adventure. The rich narrative adds depth to the game, making each mission more than just a battle—it’s a step in your journey through a living, breathing galaxy.

Character Development

As you progress, your character will evolve. Gain experience, unlock new skills, and enhance your abilities. The character development system adds an RPG (Role-Playing Game) element to the game, allowing for deeper engagement and a more personalized gameplay experience.

Strategic Depth

Fleet Management

Manage a fleet of ships to maximize your combat effectiveness. Assign different roles to your ships, such as attackers, defenders, and support units. The strategic placement and utilization of your fleet can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Base Building

Establish and upgrade your base of operations. Construct facilities for resource production, ship repair, and research. A well-maintained base is essential for long-term success and provides a safe haven where you can plan your next move.

Galaxy idle MOD APK - Unlimited Resources Features Description:

This mod allows you to get a lot of currency, materials, resources, etc. after entering the game, making the game less difficult, especially in real-time strategy games, where you can achieve an overwhelming victory with little effort, and also in other game genres, where you don't need to think about the adequacy of resources, and can use them to make yourself stronger at any time, greatly enhance the gameplay experience.

Details of Galaxy idle MOD APK:

Galaxy idle is a typical retro arcade game! When it comes to arcade games, they are certainly an unforgettable memory of many people's childhood. However, due to various reasons, although there are still arcade game halls nowadays, it is hard to find that kind of memory, and the rapid development of TV games, PC games, and cell phone games has gradually eroded and diluted the market for arcade games.

Galaxy idle inherits the old arcade game model and restores the previous smooth gaming experience. The game content is still oriented toward "multiple coin tosses", and its main features are extremely fast-paced, easy to learn, ted toward "multiple coin tosses," and its main features are extremely fast-paced, easy to learn, stressful, and exciting. The player's operation determines the progress of the game and the position that the game experience can reach.

So in Galaxy idle, you can hardly pass or reach the specified save levels all at once. The APK version of the mod will give you a direct experience of invincibility, and you will be able to pass the level quickly with your eyes closed!

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