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Dragon City Mod Apk v24.6.0(Mod Menu)

Updated On Jun 8, 2024
The game has a built-in cheating menu, which can be opened by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner 1: Kill with one strike
The game has a built-in cheating menu, which can be opened by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner 1: Kill with one strike
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Dragon City
v 24.6.0
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Game Killer

Game Killer v5.2.3.2

No Root SandBox 100% Safe
Speed Hack
Auto Clicker
Keyboard Script
Spilt Screen
Dual Space
Disable Network
Download v5.2.3.2(28.59MB)

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The game has a built-in cheating menu, which can be opened by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner 1: Kill with one strike

Dragon City Description:


Dragon City Mobile is a popular simulation game that allows players to build and manage their own dragon city. The game is developed by Social Point and has been widely successful on both iOS and Android platforms.

Game features and gameplay: DRAGON CITY

DRAGON COLLECTION: There are hundreds of different dragons to collect, breed and mate. Each type of dragon has a unique appearance and skills, players need to constantly collect new species of dragons to expand their own dragon family.

Build a Dragon City: Players need to build a city inhabited by dragons, providing food, shelter and entertainment. New features and activities can be unlocked as the city grows.

Breeding and Mating: Players can breed their dragons and mate them to create new species. This will result in more powerful dragons and a wider variety of dragon eggs.

Nurture and Training: Dragons need care, including feeding, training and fighting. Bred dragons can participate in various races and challenges to win rewards and honors.

Multiplayer: Players can make friends with other Dragon City Mobile players and show off their dragons in alliances, tournaments and PvP (Player vs. Player) battles.

Events and Quests: There are a variety of quests and events in the game that players can complete to earn rewards and level up.

Rich Graphics: Dragon City Mobile features delightful graphics and cute dragon designs that make the game lively and fun.

Social Interaction: The game allows players to connect with their Facebook friends to share the progress of the game and the progress of the dragons.

Dragon City Mobile is a fun and strategic game where players can explore, breed and raise all kinds of dragons and build their own fantasy dragon city. The game is made even more engaging by its social elements and multiplayer interactions, allowing players to communicate and compete in Dragon Cities around the globe.

Dragon City MOD APK - MOD menu features detailed description:

Dragon City is a game that presents significant challenges as you progress through it. The game's difficulty increases with your progress, making it difficult for the average player to complete the game quickly and with minimal investment. Many players end up giving up on the game due to various difficulties.

However, conventional MOD APKs typically make brute-force modifications to in-game values and character attributes to achieve rapid hacking and resource maximization. But, this approach often diminishes the fun and challenge of the game, and players can't fully enjoy the game's inherent playability and charm. In such cases, a lightly cracked Mod Menu provides a customizable and controllable way to balance the negative impacts of hacking.

In the Mod Menu, you can choose which cheats to enable and adjust in-game values to match your own skill level. This way, the game becomes much easier without completely sacrificing its enjoyment. It offers players greater freedom to tailor the game experience according to their preferences.

Dragon City MOD APK Advantages:

Dragon City is an outstanding simulation game that immerses players in a highly realistic or fictional world by simulating environments and events. In Dragon City, there is no predefined game ending, and everything unfolds freely within the immersive virtual environment.

In Dragon City, you take on the role of a controller, managing and overseeing the virtual world. The game offers a completely new level of realism, with rules and scenarios influenced by the laws and common sense of the real world. You can play different roles within the game, allowing yourself to fully immerse in it, gaining new role experiences, and perfecting your character's skills as you continue to grow.

Simulation is at the core of Dragon City. This highly realistic game can have a positive impact on your real-life skills. You'll engage in constant simulation training because Dragon City presents situations that you might not frequently encounter in real life, and you need to quickly adapt to these circumstances. This game represents a comprehensive and interactive multimedia experience that allows you to engage with things you wouldn't typically experience firsthand in your daily life.

Simulation games attempt to replicate various forms of real-life scenarios to improve player skills, such as increasing proficiency, analyzing situations, or predicting outcomes. This adds complexity to the game, as players must continually repeat experiences to enhance their skills. The MOD APK version of Dragon City completely transforms this intricate and laborious experience, making it easy for you to pass various levels and effortlessly tackle challenges.

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