Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS Mod Apk v1.1.16(Unlimited Resources)

Updated On Jun 13, 2024
Enter the game to receive a large amount of currency.
Enter the game to receive a large amount of currency.
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v 1.1.16
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Game Killer v5.2.3.2

No Root SandBox 100% Safe
Speed Hack
Auto Clicker
Keyboard Script
Spilt Screen
Dual Space
Disable Network
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Enter the game to receive a large amount of currency.


"Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS" is an innovative simulation game that takes you into a fantastical world of farm management. You will become a dinosaur farmer, tasked with raising dinosaurs and cultivating crops. This game not only offers a unique experience but also allows you to develop and manage your farm using various types of dinosaurs. Start small, but dream big as you harvest crops and expand your land.

Creating and Managing a Dinosaur Farm

In "Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS," your journey begins with a small plot of land and a few basic dinosaurs. As the farm owner, you have the freedom to choose and raise different types of dinosaurs, each with unique characteristics and needs. By strategically arranging dinosaur habitats and feeding methods, ensure they grow healthily and bring substantial rewards to your farm.

Types and Characteristics of Dinosaurs

The game offers a diverse range of dinosaurs, including herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Each dinosaur has unique attributes and skills. For example, herbivorous dinosaurs can help you cultivate and harvest crops, while carnivorous dinosaurs can protect your farm from wild animals. Understanding each dinosaur's characteristics and pairing them appropriately based on farm needs is crucial for successfully managing a dinosaur farm.

Farm Expansion and Upgrades

As your farm grows, you'll have the opportunity to expand your land and upgrade facilities. Unlock new areas, build more dinosaur habitats, and cultivate more fields. By upgrading farm facilities, improve production efficiency and the quality of life for your dinosaurs. Continuous expansion and upgrades will turn your farm into a thriving dinosaur paradise.

Planting and Harvesting

Besides raising dinosaurs, planting and harvesting are also key aspects of the game. You can plant various crops such as corn, wheat, vegetables, and fruits. Different crops have different growth cycles and yields. Plan your planting schedule wisely to ensure continuous farm income. Dinosaurs can also assist in plowing and harvesting, boosting overall farm productivity.

Resource Management and Trading

Resource management is crucial for success in "Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS." Allocate dinosaur feed, crop seeds, and other farm resources effectively to ensure smooth farm operations. You can also trade farm products with other players or merchants in the market, earning more funds and resources for further development.

Community Interaction and Cooperation

The game encourages interaction and cooperation among players. Join or create a community to share experiences, exchange resources, and complete tasks together. Community activities and cooperative missions will bring you more rewards and achievements, enhancing the fun and challenge of the game.

Tasks and Challenges

To make the game richer and more challenging, various tasks and challenges are set within the game. Complete daily tasks, weekly tasks, and special challenges to earn valuable rewards and rare resources. These tasks not only add fun to the game but also provide players with clear goals and directions for progress.

Customization and Decoration

Personalizing your dinosaur farm is a major feature of "Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS." By purchasing and unlocking various decorations and buildings, you can freely design and beautify your farm. Whether arranging dinosaur habitats or decorating fields and markets, you can customize according to your preferences, creating a unique dinosaur world.

Regular Updates and New Content

The development team of "Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS" is committed to providing regular updates and new content, continually bringing new surprises and experiences to players. Future updates will include new dinosaur species, crops, decorations, and more tasks and challenges. Player feedback and suggestions will be seriously considered and incorporated into the game's improvements and development.

Exploration and Adventure

Beyond your dinosaur farm, a vast world awaits exploration. The game features various exploration and adventure activities. You can lead your dinosaur team to unknown regions to find rare resources and hidden treasures. Adventures not only bring you substantial rewards but also enhance your dinosaurs' skills and the farm's development potential.

"Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS" is a creative and challenging simulation game that takes you into a fantastical and adventurous farm world. From designing and managing your dinosaur farm to exploring the vast world beyond, every aspect is meticulously crafted to provide a rich and enjoyable gaming experience. Are you ready to build and manage your own dinosaur farm? "Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS" awaits your participation to become the most successful dinosaur farmer!

Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS MOD APK - Unlimited Resources Features Introduction:

The game with unlimited resources in Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS creates more in-game resources for players, including various items, skins, and equipment, allowing you to become a formidable force right from the start and feel like an invincible presence in the game. This creates a high-quality gaming environment for players seeking thrilling gameplay, providing endless resources so you can enjoy the game to the fullest without worrying about in-game resources or equipment. Players can obtain unlimited resources and easily immerse themselves in the game without the concern of resource shortages.

In the unlimited resource version of Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS, you can confidently use all in-game resources and explore all game content to achieve your ultimate goals. In such games, all resources are unlimited, and you can have everything that's available for purchase without worrying about currency or coins. Just enjoy the game to the fullest. Players can easily complete tasks and accumulate currency. Typically, Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS offers players various resources, and many players often feel frustrated by resource shortages in the game. However, after downloading the unlimited resource version, you can dive right in!


Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS is an outstanding simulation game that immerses players in a highly realistic or fictional world by simulating environments and events. In Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS, there is no predefined game ending, and everything unfolds freely within the immersive virtual environment.

In Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS, you take on the role of a controller, managing and overseeing the virtual world. The game offers a completely new level of realism, with rules and scenarios influenced by the laws and common sense of the real world. You can play different roles within the game, allowing yourself to fully immerse in it, gaining new role experiences, and perfecting your character's skills as you continue to grow.

Simulation is at the core of Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS. This highly realistic game can have a positive impact on your real-life skills. You'll engage in constant simulation training because Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS presents situations that you might not frequently encounter in real life, and you need to quickly adapt to these circumstances. This game represents a comprehensive and interactive multimedia experience that allows you to engage with things you wouldn't typically experience firsthand in your daily life.

Simulation games attempt to replicate various forms of real-life scenarios to improve player skills, such as increasing proficiency, analyzing situations, or predicting outcomes. This adds complexity to the game, as players must continually repeat experiences to enhance their skills. The MOD APK version of Aku si PETERNAK DINOSAURUS completely transforms this intricate and laborious experience, making it easy for you to pass various levels and effortlessly tackle challenges.

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